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Meet the Founder of HygenX Elements, Shivonne Urbano.

Like most parents, (especially moms!) when our children are in pain or discomfort, we are too.  If you know, you know - watching the constant skin scratching is enough to make a parent lose it because 1) we hate to see our children suffer and 2) it's frustrating because the current methods do not work. 

Welcome to our brand, a result of our personal journey through the challenges of addressing dry skin issues, particularly eczema and related concerns. Our story is rooted in the experiences of our three children who grappled with skin issues like eczema and food allergies. Struggling to find suitable skincare remedies for them was a pivotal moment that led us on a quest for a better solution.

Faced with the limitations of existing options and the urgent need for our children's comfort, we made a conscious decision to transition to a more natural and organic approach. This shift allowed us to not only address their skin issues but also provided the convenience of being travel-friendly.

Our personal experience became the catalyst for our brand's inception, shaping our commitment to crafting personal care solutions that cater to dry skin concerns, including eczema. We understand the daily challenges and discomfort associated with these conditions, and our mission is to offer effective, natural remedies that nourish and soothe sensitive skin.

Our dedication extends beyond personal struggles; it embodies a belief in the significance of sustainable and eco-friendly practices. We strive to contribute positively to the environment by utilizing natural ingredients and eco-conscious packaging, aligning with our core values and commitment to a healthier planet.

Thank you for choosing our brand, and we are dedicated to supporting you in your quest for healthier skin.


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