Made With Love

We are excited with our recent partnership with Darma, the creator of our newest scented soaps - CocoJava, Honey Blossom Calendula, and Floral Fusion. 

From the lush landscapes of Puerto Rico to the tranquil shores of Central Florida, Darma's passion for crafting vegan soaps has always been guided by love – for her family, for nature, and for the art of skincare. Born amidst the vibrant flora of Puerto Rico, Darma's childhood instilled in her a deep reverence for botanicals and their healing properties.

Collaborating with HygenX Elements, Darma's initial desire motivated by love for family and friends is now a line of vegan soaps celebrating the beauty of natural ingredients. Drawing upon her Puerto Rican heritage and her expertise in chemistry, Darma meticulously formulated each soap with love, infusing them with the finest botanicals – including rosemary oil, Jojoba oil, lavender, rose, and vanilla. Through this partnership, Darma's dream of sharing her love for natural skincare with the world became a reality, and  fulfills HygenX Element's vision in offering products that promote holistic well-being and harmony with the environment.

With each bar of soap she creates, she honors her heritage, celebrates her family, and invites others to experience the beauty of skincare made with love.

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